Therapist / Psychologist Registration

Please provide the following as attachments when applying:

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Copy of all qualifications / credentials
  • Background Information on your last / current employer
  • Details of your practising country and practising language (if you are able to speak fluently more than one language please state)

Once selected and if contacted by, we will provide details for your interview process (please allow upto 14 working days for a response, if the 14 days lapses without a response please contact us again, using the same email address.

Interviews will be strictly conducted in English unless you express a wish for the interview to be conducted in either Italian or French. 

For the administration / techincal practise of PrimeCounselling you must have a basic knowledge of English.

For the interviewing process, you must be in posession of a webcam and microphone, if face to face interviewing is not possible. 

You must be able to demonstrate that you are capable of providing online mental health services in your specialisation, this will be tested in a mock up counselling session, duration 10minutes or until satisfied by the Therapist Panel. 


This is entirely upto you, it works on pay as you earn scheme.  You take a percentage of the rates listed in the Services page.  The percentage will be discussed on a one to one basis, if accepted to join the team at

To join the team of therapists / psychologist at Therapist please contact us